[Product Release] NEW! Rapport 7.4 Highlights

[Product release] new! Rapport 7.4 highlights

Serve your dealers better with Rapport 7.4

Of the many different kinds of relationships companies keep in the asset finance industry, there are few more important than dealers – or the external sales channel. These sales channels  are an extension of your very team, and they interact with customers – your customers – on a regular basis. This means it’s critical to keep them engaged and well-informed. That’s why we’ve prioritized improving that relationship through dealer programs as a key goal in our latest releases of Rapport.

Here’s is a quick overview of what’s new:

Improved Dealer Program Functionality

Rapport 7.4 includes expanded functionality to help streamline the rollout and maintenance of your dealer programs  for your sales channels. The release allows a single program to capture all the details, such as the program terms, equipment categories, and available rates – and that makes it easy for you to roll them out to your entire vendor/dealer network or a select few. This means a streamlined application entry process that saves time and ensures consistent and accurate data throughout the system.

This new functionality enhances the existing dealer portal option available within Rapport that already allows your external sales channel users access to pricing transactions, document creation, submitting transactions, and tracking the progress of the transaction. Now, as these external users are entering new deals through the portal, the dealer program will help them adhere to the details specified within the dealer programs they have access to.

The dealer program functionality also aligns with existing InfoLease processing. As transactions are booked to InfoLease for servicing with commissions or any other payment arrangements defined by the dealer program, the dispersement of those payments can be made throughout the contract term. When your sales channel expands, disbursements to the vendors and dealer can be held back until specified criteria are met. Once these relationships are built up with a consistent stream of new business, these restrictions can be removed for approved sales channel partners.

Whether you’re looking to start building an external sales channel from scratch or planning to expand the vendors and dealers you work with today, updates to the Rapport the dealer program functionality makes maintaining communication and data integrity easier than ever.

Expanded Workflow Capabilities

Beyond dealer improvements, Rapport 7.4 also brings additional functionality to Credit Facilities, now with expanded workflows to enhance the user experience as transactions flow through each step of the process. Now, credit facilities can be auto approved or auto declined based on a policy engine of pre-defined, customizable criteria – limiting the number of transactions needing manual decisioning. Plus, the data integration between Rapport customers, credit facilities, and applications now allows the flow of data captured at each step to be readily available as the credit facilities are moving from initial entry, to drawdown, and booking into InfoLease. Enhances profiles let you add attachments like financial statements to credit facilities to be referenced as you work through your credit decisioning process – and at any point, you can easily pull customer and credit facility details captured within Rapport to create documents. These documents can be emailed out of the system to customers to be signed and returned to allow the credit facility to move along the workflow process.

Universal Admin Tasks

Rapport 7.4 also marks the introduction of Universal Admin on the web. The first tasks to make this transition are the user maintenance functions: User, User Group Setup, Security Template Setup, and Session Manager. The new Admin on the web has been built with responsive web design technology, making it available and simple to use from any connected device. So, if you’re sitting in a meeting and get an urgent email that a user is locked out of the system, you can simply bring up the Admin on your phone and quickly unlock them to get them back online. As we continue to bring these tasks to the web, it will reduce the need to access application servers to run the Universal Admin tool.

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