[Product Release] InfoLease® 10.6 Highlights

[Product release] InfoLease® 10.6 highlights

In the changing world of equipment and asset finance, our team of product managers and developers work alongside our customers to bring to market features that have the most impact – today and into the future. Over the course of the last year through our user group meetings, dedicated working groups, and our ConnectionPoint customer event, we continue to build our roadmap and ultimately our portfolio management solution with identified customer needs. This effort has resulted in our latest release of InfoLease 10.6. Some of the more notable features included in the release are:

  • Vertex O Integration for Tax Compliance. Strengthen tax department control over taxation rates and amounts with the pre-built integration of Vertex O-Series tax engine with InfoLease. All rates and amounts are systematically calculated by Vertex O Series. System users are not able to modify tax rates or amounts within InfoLease reinforcing adherence to pre-determined tax strategy.
  • Dual Bookings. Increased back office control determining who has authorized booking privileges. Dual booking approvals can be established enabling some users to enter but not book new contracts, while other users have full contract booking rights.
  • Cash Basis Operating Lease Renewals. New InfoLease renewal type allowing an operating lease renewal to be on a cash basis. Configuration can be set to default and streamline movement between lease types.
  • Cash Refunds. Increased efficiency in the refund process allowing money refund from unapplied suspense with appropriate controls (matching money that came from unapplied suspense to the amount of the refund.)
  • Mass Data Inventory Entry and Inventory Gain/Loss. Increased efficiency with the ability to run a mass update process to move assets to inventory or dispose assets from inventory with the Mass Data Update utility.

InfoLease 10.6 is immediately available as an upgrade for InfoLease 10 on-prem customers. All new and enhanced features for InfoLease will be delivered to SaaS customers who have deployed IDScloud™ through regular upgrade cycles.

Lisa Nowak, Senior Product Manager, IDS

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