Portfolio Management

Push the boundaries of portfolio management

Are you a start-up with a new portfolio looking for lease and loan management software to kickstart your business? Or are you an established organization – but your current system is stifling your growth? 

Solifi’s Lease and Loan Portfolio Management Software (formerly CALMS and InfoLease) offers the agility to support you today and the functional depth to futureproof your tomorrow.

Faster data insights, faster answers for your customers

Address client inquiries faster and leverage actionable insights, such as cost-saving opportunities, service level improvements, risk mitigation, and market expansion opportunities with just a click. 

Embrace the digital-first revolution – with a robust functional suite of solutions, our lease and loan servicing software brings efficiency to the entire lease and loan management process, including loan management, billing, invoicing, taxation, and end-of-term. We help our clients streamline services and improve customer experiences – all while keeping costs and business risks at a minimum. 

Secure customer loyalty with exceptional experiences

Consumers are frustrated with the traditional auto finance process – and we can’t blame them. With our Lease and Loan Portfolio Management Software (formerly CALMS and InfoLease), you can hone the service and experiences your customers expect, streamline deals, and elevate your back-office efficiency.

Key Features

See an end-to-end view of customers, contracts, and assets at any stage – from point-of-sale to end of contract
Easily create and maintain a broad range of financial products, services, and add-ons
Improve your operational efficiency and empower your customers to manage their own accounts
Easily manage your financial and non-financial amendments, restructures, refinances, transfers, extensions, cancellations, and reinstatements
When customer contracts end – whether through early settlement, hostile termination, end-of-life, or renewal – handle them with ease
Leverage our trusted integrations to interface with industry-standard general ledgers, credit reporting agencies, AML services, and asset registers

Agility meets innovation

Our equipment finance solution offers the agile tools you need to face unpredictable times, and identify and close new deals. We bring speed, compliance, and automation to the most labor-intensive tasks in portfolio management.

Key Features

Manage and track your asset usage with ease – including settle-ups, swaps, multiple meters per asset, annual increases, and recalculation of the last overage amount

Leverage fast, precise tracking and management of your various types of contracts and variable interest rates, and make use of various types of floating-rate contracts including fixed payment, principal reduction, or open-ended financial agreements

Streamline your accounting and management of complex financial structures and packages
Offer extended functionality such as funding, white labeling, configurable invoices, and comprehensive support for dealer programs
Simplify your tax compliance processes with the help of our trusted strategic partners

Access, manage, and review your inventory information at any point in the asset lifecycle, including inventory levels, assets coming off lease, and new assets

Ready to unleash your potential?

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