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Improve your floorplan lending operation in 90 days

A key difference between banks that grow successfully and those that don’t: their ability to provide strategic, effective, and consistent service even as client bases increase. Exponentially expanding businesses quickly reveal inefficiency as existing offline or legacy tools just can’t cope with the new demand levels. Cue delays, errors, and unhappy customers.

Investing in a new floorplan finance solution allows for flexible automation of the usual time-consuming tasks, with both better visibility over your overall portfolio and better service provision to your retailers. And who doesn’t want to maximize revenue while still maintaining the high quality of service your customers expect?

Two of the significant obstacles to adopting new finance software technologies are implementation time and onboarding time.

However, Solifi’s floorplan finance software means you can deploy an out-of-the-box, flexible, and fully-featured floorplan solution less than 90 days from the decision point. Our software is also configurable based on defined rules and policies for managing your business, allowing you to be fully in control of a solution that is truly yours.

Solifi Floorplan is capable of scaling effortlessly to the needs of your business, streamlining vital decision-making procedures, centralizing risk management, improving accounting controls, and facilitating a smooth credit underwriting process.

All software functionality is designed to allow for intuitive access, providing a detailed overview of your business performance, inventory, and customer data. Annual evaluations can also provide an insight into dealership performance and capacity, mitigating the need for time-consuming paperwork that’s neither time nor cost-effective.

Solifi’s Floorplan’s easy-use functionality makes your everyday administrative responsibilities worlds easier to complete and consolidate.

90 days of investment now means years of optimized business performance and enhanced customer service to come.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you take your floorplan lending to the next level.

Next-Generation Wholesale Finance Software

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your existing floorplan finance offering, Solifi Wholesale Finance software can take your floorplan lending operation to new heights.

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