Vehicle Data

Your one-stop catalog of vehicle data

Our UK vehicle information database easily plugs into existing applications and websites to provide the nuts and bolts of leasing, fleet, and data management systems. With daily updates, it’s the go-to reference for organizations, groups, or individuals that need their software to connect to the latest and most accurate vehicle info for the British markets.

The latest vehicle information, all in one place

Our DataDirect™ vehicle data software database gives you vehicle pricing, specifications, options, technical data, and SMR (service, maintenance, and repair) records in the most competitive pricing structure available. Currently cataloguing over 200,000 cars, electric vehicles (EVs), and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) up to 7.5 tons in the UK market, our living database continues to grow each day.

Vehicle SMR software for vehicle running costs

Get accurate forecasting for service, maintenance, and repair costs for over 10,000 new cars and light commercial vehicles with SMR3™. We base maintenance predictions on manufacturer main dealer service costs, replacement, and repair costs – including critical parts – combined with our own experts’ predictions of component life. EVs are no exception: we continue to gather data on the developing EV market in the UK and its unique components and requirements.

Individual vehicle data lookup API

Easily access our vehicle data by Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) or description and model year. Our Web API allows easy integration into your existing software and web services to enhance your system and solution capabilities.

Key Features

Instantly leverage the most accurate UK data to create quotations, streamline dealer management, and make informed vehicle management decisions

Stay up-to-date with the latest UK automotive data, processed daily and available at any time

Accurately forecast your auto service, maintenance, and repair costs with over a decade of historical data

Easily compare options and vehicles to get the bigger picture of your investments and decisions, covering anything from the condition, warranty period, color, tires, battery life, and emissions

Quickly connect recent technical information, including gross vehicle weight for LCVs, fuel tank size, trunk capacity, and vehicle images

Data provided by DataDirect™ feeds into your systems in a standard format, making it easier to get the info you want exactly where you need it

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