Lease & Loan Pricing

Pinpoint your pricing

Tired of losing solid loans, or not achieving the ROI you were expecting due to poor pricing? Relying on your intuition to price loans won’t cut the mustard. Solifi Lease and Loan Pricing software empowers you with the data and insights to accurately quote, analyze, and manage the pricing details of your most complex deals. 

Fast, simple calculation process

The Solifi loan pricing tool models pre-tax and after-tax pricing, letting you calculate quotes and create reports in one straightforward process. Quickly modify any details of the structure, create templates to support user-defined defaults, and ensure consistency across your systems.

Easily define product specifics

Price your lease and loan deals while targeting specified yields or APRs. Our software tool allows you to easily adjust rental amounts, residual values, asset costs, or the number of payments with ease.

Key Features

Calculate quotes using various solve-for options, with multiple flavors of pre-tax and after-tax yields available within one powerful engine.

Get consistent calculations using the same powerful pricing engine – regardless of which deployment you choose.

Easily generate, retrieve, and view quotes and pricing reports from the cloud, with an option to assign permissions for access.

The Solifi pricing microservice fully integrates with your existing system for consistent results.

Easily create and manage custom pricing or product templates based on chosen variables.

Simplify quote entry and maintenance using pre-configured data.

Select from multiple payment periods, including weekly and fortnightly payment schedules, and choose between direct finance, operating lease, and conditional sale contract models dependent on your needs.

Access a wealth of reporting sets and features, including payment scheduling, amortization, casualty/termination schedules, purchase options, return-on-equity reports, summaries, accounting, and more.

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