Boost data insights and exceed your targets

Looking for ways to gain insights, mitigate risk, and maximize margins? Solifi Factoring, built on advanced algorithms, forecasts the credit risk of your accounts receivable portfolio and makes it easier to monitor risk and mitigate losses due to debtor issues, such as bankruptcy.

Combat uncertainty, risk, and unpredictability

Agile technology helps you to anticipate and react to ever-evolving business disruption. Growing your factoring portfolio requires a software solution that gives your customers fast access to cash, streamlines approval processes, and provides competitive rates. Our software provides the power and flexibility you need to mitigate risk and grow your recourse and non-recourse factoring portfolios.

Empower your factoring clients with 24/7 self-service

Our powerful online factoring portal makes it easy to post invoices, submit credit requests, retrieve reports, track customer payment status, and verify customer credit limits. 

Key Features

Easily create and maintain a range of factoring products, services, and add-ons

Assign your chosen level of program and data access for internal and external users with a click
Take near real-time data into your hands to gain the insight you need for risk control, adjustments, and reporting
Leverage user-assigned work queues and alerts when balances, trends, and credit limit issues need your attention
Automate a range of complex calculations, including collateral values, ineligibles, advance rates, loan balances, and line limits

Brand the client portal with your company’s logo and color scheme to extend your marketing footprint

Provide line-of-credit and collateral management for several types of assets, helping clients offer and manage complex working capital proposals

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