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Forge futureproof working capital operations and equip the tools that’ll keep you connected to your customers through thick and thin. With our Asset-Based Lending and Factoring products for working capital organizations, you’ll drive margins and mitigate risk with ease. 

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It’s a pivotal time for working capital lenders. Borrowers are developing and deploying strategies to conserve capital and push forward with solid growth strategies. There’s a growing list of working capital FinTech organizations creating new competition. To stand out and succeed, you must connect disparate systems, better connect with borrowers, and eliminate low-value touchpoints. 


Allowing systems to talk to each other in real-time is a top priority for all asset-based lenders. It’s the cornerstone of the mission to eliminate low-value touchpoints for the borrower. By using SaaS technology to centralize data and monitor trends, you’ll be rewarded with in-depth insights and sustainable growth.

Our platform helps you to achieve this and more.

Products for working capital

Mitigate risk and drive growth

Post invoices, submit credit requests, retrieve reports, track customer payment status, and verify customer credit limits with the help of our powerful factoring software, which gives you the tools to help you execute recourse and non-recourse factoring with precision. 

Secure customer loyalty and control risk

Forecast and monitor trends to support your ABL growth and anticipate new developments. Our software helps you to keep on top of your collateral monitoring and analysis, as well as easily examine, monitor, track, and calculate borrowing base versus asset base.

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