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Building a wholesale finance product with V12 Vehicle Finance

V12 Vehicle Finance knew that it needed a software partner able to deliver the seamless integration that its trade partners would expect.


V12 Vehicle Finance is a new trading name of Secure Trust Bank, providing finance for dealers and consumers. A corporate mission to create customer-led, user-friendly experiences made it essential that V12 Vehicle Finance could offer dealers and drivers a smart, technologically advanced alternative to traditional car finance providers.

V12 Vehicle Finance knew that it needed a software partner able to deliver the seamless integration that its trade partners would expect.


Finance applications and administration easily become sources of frustration, and legacy car finance platforms are notorious for a lack of clarity around payments. This forced lenders to continually adapt processes to accommodate the software and created additional legwork for dealers, whose focus is largely centred on serving customers and procuring stock.

The critical goal of the new product was therefore to offer a powerful, simple-to-use solution that could enable positive customer experiences without a steep learning curve or disruption to day-to-day tasks.


After a thorough assessment of the market, V12 Vehicle Finance selected Solifi’s CALMS wholesale finance solution.

CALMS (Solifi) offers a scalable design, multi-tier architecture, and a modern, intuitive user interface. Its broad range of web service interfaces makes it easy to integrate customer applications, such as CRM, accounting and document management systems.

Our software’s simplicity has proven immensely valuable to the development of the new venture, with V12 able to independently manage the integration of CALMS (Solifi) with several of its partner systems.

As CALMS (Solifi) was an intrinsic part of the V12 Vehicle Finance business launch plan, it was essential that both teams work closely together throughout the process – V12 described us as becoming “a business partner as well as a software partner”.

Once the base CALMS (Solifi) system was live, we began work on additional features, including an integration with V12’s Salesforce CRM and Click Dealer dealer management system, developing a trade channel finance solution.

"a business partner as well as a software partner"


V12 Vehicle Finance has been delighted with the roll-out of the platform – it has delivered and exceeded its expectations.

Stand-out points of note include:

  • Responding to COVID – During the first wave of Coronavirus, V12 Vehicle Finance was able to quickly respond to the pressures facing its customers by assembling a care package and offering flexible payment options. CALMS (Solifi) made it easy to respond to this evolving situation in a way that supported customer needs.
  • Dealer accessibility – V12 Vehicle Finance was pleased to discover that car dealers and auction houses found the CALMS (Solifi) solution easy to navigate. While additional provision had been made to handle an increase in dealer support calls, the system was so intuitive that it negated the need for external support.
  • Enhanced growth opportunities – Now that the initial implementation and onboarding phase is complete, V12 Vehicle Finance has focused on rolling out the offering to additional markets and investing further in its wholesale finance business.

Commenting on the project’s success, Ciara Raison, Sales & Marketing Director of V12 Vehicle Finance, stated: “We’re especially pleased with the success of the implementation, since we initially partnered with Solifi in 2019. V12 Vehicle Finance has now established a unique digital buying and funding journey with our auction partners and Solifi’s platform, supporting the continued growth of our business.”

V12 Vehicle Finance has been delighted with the roll-out of the platform

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