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12th Tech and Solifi deliver integrated solution to mitigate risk for auto finance industry

12th Tech, Inc., and Solifi (formerly IDS and White Clarke Group) today announce 12th Tech’s new cloud-based Real-Time Intelligent (RTI) Auditing System™ is fully interoperable with Solifi’s Wholesale finance software. This integration enables clients to seamlessly include audit results and data as part of their dealer management activities within the Solifi platform.

12th Tech’s system revolutionizes auditing by providing clients a seamless choice of traditional physical audits or fully remote Dealer Self Audits, Dealer Clearing Audits, or electronic audits, all provided from 12th Tech’s cloud-based and mobile-enabled auditing system. 12th Tech’s RTI Auditing System serves banks and wholesale finance companies with reliable, accurate, and cost-effective analysis and reporting for more effective risk management at a fraction of the cost of traditional auditing systems.

“This partnership provides our customers the flexibility and real-time capabilities to reliably enhance risk mitigation while significantly lowering their cost per audit,” states [former] Jay Edwards, Senior Vice President of Business Development of Solifi. “Solifi’s Wholesale Finance Software utilizes 12th Tech’s RTI Auditing System data to make it even easier for our clients to have all of the data they need to effectively manage risk and provide remote audit options to their dealers.”

Mark Abrams, CEO, and Founder of 12th Tech states, “12th Tech’s integration with CALMS Compass system provides their clients with a seamless experience and full visibility into their dealers’ financing and audit activities, leading to better dealer support and more effective risk management. Lenders have recognized the need for a robust, flexible, mobile, and easy-to-use auditing system that supports multiple auditing methodologies for clients and service providers, and we are very excited to be working with Solifi to bring these enhanced auditing capabilities to their existing and new clients.”

The 12th Tech’s Real-Time Auditing system is now available for deployment to clients throughout the United States and will be available internationally by fall 2021.

About 12th Tech
12th Tech ( is revolutionizing risk management and mitigation with its Real-Time Intelligent (RTI) Auditing system, providing innovative technology to support traditional in-house or third-party audits and enable dealer self-audits, automated Dealer Clearing Audits, electronic asset identification, and enhanced real-time auditing and reporting. 12th Tech’s RTI Auditing System dramatically reduces auditing costs and intelligently helps mitigate risk – allowing Finance Companies to finally have the choice to utilize the best auditing methods across their portfolio. Our robust, scalable, and adaptive solution leverages the latest technological advances and builds on a foundation of more than 20 years of experience providing auditing technology solutions to the financing industry. The 12th Tech team is dedicated to delivering the world’s best auditing system – both now and in the future – to ensure our clients’ success.

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