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Myth 3: SaaS is complex to buy and use

Is SaaS complex to buy and use? No.

SaaS is easy to buy. Solifi Open Finance Platform, for example, is consumption-based or what’s known as a subscription. You only pay for what you need and use. And you can scale up or down quickly to align with your business needs.

And SaaS is so easy to use that your team will have immediate access to the loan origination system tools they need to close deals more quickly with little training required. That’s because a SaaS-based loan origination system platform on the cloud offers core services and pre-built integrations to speed up the time to do common tasks without needing technical expertise. Additionally, you’ll have access to all the latest technology as that’s all deployed in the background – without disrupting your business or having to retrain users.

When it comes to convenient access, your team can easily connect with a cloud-based platform anywhere at any time – in the office, remotely from home, or on the road. All they need is an internet connection. And you can grant users with instant access from anywhere as well.

A cloud-based platform that delivers SaaS solutions is definitely not complicated. It’s the scope of services that are different. When you’re moving to a SaaS-based solution from a traditional on-premise system, it’s important to understand the benefits of a cloud-based model. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential SaaS provider questions or request clarification.

Questions to ask your SaaS provider

Here are a few things that I would want to know when purchasing a SaaS platform.

  • What is the scope of services I’m purchasing?
  • What exactly are you developing and managing when it comes to the IT infrastructure?
  • As a SaaS provider, what are your roles and responsibilities (i.e., what will the SaaS provider do that my organization historically did)?
  • What are my roles and my responsibilities?
  • Do you do upgrades? How often?
  • What is the licensing model? Or what is a licensing model?
  • What does availability look like in the cloud? How can I access my data in the cloud?
  • How do you integrate with the cloud?
  • What are your integration options?
  • What is your governance model?
  • What new insights are captured that I don’t have now?

Through these conversations, you’ll start to realize the benefits of a cloud-based platform that delivers SaaS solutions and how that model makes sense for your business – and that it’s easy to use and easy to purchase.

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